What are you contributing to with THE BOX?

Award-winning product (CES 2020 Las Vegas)

Successful market pilots

Confirmed demand from our partners

Innovations protected by 35 patents

All team members are personally invested

What exactly happens with your money once you transfer it?

All of your contributions go directly and exclusively to the mass production of THE BOX.


Protected contribution

We will secure your contribution in a separate account, where it will be kept untouched until mass production begins.


Direct support

The first 100,000 boxes will be produced in our own R&D center together with our partner Europe Technologies. Your contribution will go directly into the production of THE BOXes.


Transparent use

We will keep you informed about the progress of the production at all times. You will also have the opportunity to express your opinion and influence the course of events.

Our production partners.

Which topic would you like to learn more about?

Can I really get a 5x reward as a Sharing Angel?

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Yes, you can! Because you help us with our success, we will share our future profits 50/50 with you. Of course, we can’t say precisely how long it will take to get there. However, we can say that everyone at LivingPackets is doing everything they can, day in and day out, to make THE BOX a global success.

What is the business model of LivingPackets?

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We call it Packaging-as-a-Service. We want to stop the use of waste packaging, so we invented the packaging of the future, where we do not charge for the packaging but for using our packaging services.

Where does your profit come?

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We offer a variety of services that make sending and receiving parcels smart, swift, and stress free. Our profits are derived from these services, which we call Packaging-as-a-Service. Because we use a unit of THE BOX at least 1,000 times, we can generate at least a thousand times more revenue with it than a single-use cardboard box.

Am I guaranteed my reward? Can I lose my contribution?

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We guarantee to reward each Sharing Angel multiple times, provided that LivingPackets becomes successful and generates profits. Of course, we cannot predict the future with certainty, but we can try to make our vision come true. Your contribution will be used exclusively for the production of THE BOX. With every Euro our Sharing Angels contribute, and with every unit of THE BOX we can produce, the chances that our project will be successful increases. We have received an incredible amount of positive feedback so far; we have won several awards, and we already have more than a thousand companies that want to use THE BOX. Therefore, we are very optimistic about the future. And if in the future, our Sharing Angels choose THE BOX as a shipping option, we will undoubtedly be very successful. In the end, YOU, as a consumer, have the power to make THE BOX successful. Don’t you want to help us make the world a little bit better?

Do I have to pay taxes on my reward?

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Please check with a tax or accounting professional as we are not tax or accounting experts and we can not legally advise you on your particular situation. If you keep your premiums on your LivingPackets account, you probably won’t have to pay taxes (depending on your country of residence), as your account is not a bank account (only a Rewards account). As soon as you transfer your rewards to your bank account, you may be required to declare your reward in your taxes, depending on your country of residence.

How do you allocate the rewards to the Sharing Angels?

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It’s very simple: we split our profits 50/50 between LivingPackets and our Sharing Angels. We distribute your reward based on a “first come, first served” system.

When, and how, will you start paying out the rewards?

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We share 50 percent of our annual profits with our Sharing Angels to reward them! The rewards will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Currently, a Sharing Angel receives their 5x reward after approx. 8 years! For example, if you contribute 1,000€ this year, you will receive a reward of 5,000€ on July 1st, 2028, provided our profits allow it. If we cannot reward you in full in 2028, you will receive your reward the following year! The reward is only available at the end of the minimum 8 year period in one sum.

Our promises to you: fairness and transparency.

Your satisfaction and security is our highest priority.

To make sure you feel comfortable with your contribution, you can read all relevant information in our

and our

Following your contribution, you will receive a

from us stating the amount and time of your contribution. With your support, we will build a fair and sustainable company that everyone will benefit from.

To ensure maximum security, we secure your account with our identity provider Auth0 and process the payment of your contributions exclusively via authorized payment providers and by bank transfer.

5-times profit

We share our profits until our Sharing Angels reach the promised multiple. (currently 500%)

Fair distribution

Any profits we make with THE BOX are split 50/50 between LivingPackets and our Sharing Angels.

First come, first served

The sooner a Sharing Angel contributes and supports our idea, the sooner they will receive their payouts.

Do you still have open questions?

Are you a French or German company?

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We see ourselves as a European company. We currently have offices and R&D locations in Switzerland, France and Germany, and we are working on new subsidiaries in countries around the world.

What’s LivingPackets SA?

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LivingPackets SA, with a nominal capital of 1 million Swiss Francs, is the entity that manages the contributions for our Sharing Angels (mainly due to the legal possibilities in Switzerland). We also have subsidiaries in France and Germany, and other countries will soon follow.

Why don’t you do an ICO (Crypto Currency) or IPO (IPO)?

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Our integrated supply chain technology is already a kind of crypto-money. But we don’t want you to just contribute to an idea and a data-based currency. We have invented a real physical product that has cryptographic features as one of its essential building blocks which will allow us to create new and unique service offerings with THE BOX. We have turned down several offers from investors and VCs for a good reason: we prefer to share our profits with you and give you control. We fundamentally believe that those who add value to society at large and to our companies are those who should be rewarded first. Because you will use our product and actively contribute to our success. That’s why we don’t want to go public for the time being, because we don’t want to hand over control to investors who only think about their profits. With large investors, we simply could not afford to reward our users for their contribution.

Why don’t you have Institutional Investors?

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The financing of the mass production would actually be solved very quickly that way. We have received many offers from investors who would immediately finance the first batch of THE BOX. But we don’t want the rich to become even richer. Furthermore we want to share and enrich everyone who believes in us. Therefore we want to give you the opportunity to make a difference, and also profit with us. Because without you and your courage to change something for the better, our idea is nothing: the consumer is king! You will use THE BOX and actively contribute to our success, so you also deserve to profit from our growth. Let’s build a fair and sustainable ecosystem, from which we can profit together.

Why not use Kickstarter or Indiegogo instead?

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In our opinion, crowdfunding models are not fair for several reasons and therefore not a viable alternative for us. Crowdfunding platforms often receive a significant percentage of the funding. This means that only a part of the total funding reaches the actual company. However, we do not want your money to be lost and we do not want to produce fewer THE BOXes than what is actually possible. Only through our own Sharing Angel contribution system are we able to make it possible for you to receive a truly fair reward. Every single Sharing Angel helps and is responsible for the success of LivingPackets - we owe it to them to have the most equitable and transparent system.

What advantages does THE BOX offer once it is on the market?

At this point, we would like to take a short step back. To be truly convinced to contribute to the production of THE BOX, you should first be aware of the groundbreaking advantages THE BOX will have for your life and the lives of millions of customers worldwide.

Experience the future of packaging.
Learn everything about how you can benefit from THE BOX in your life.
The Box Experience

I really believe in this concept, both economically and ecologically, at a time when e-commerce is growing rapidly.

Denis Arthus

It’s an absolutely very clever project! I am still a student, but I strongly believe in all the innovation that seeks to reduce the environmental impact of new ways of consuming.

Gregorio Fiori Carones

With my contribution to LivingPackets, I am supporting a company, product and great team that is building a sustainable future. At the same time I can receive an attractive reward. It is so simple to have a positive impact with LivingPackets!

Nina Weber
6.16 Million Euros

Have already been contributed to the production of THE BOX. Huge thanks to all our loyal supporters who are changing the world together with us.

6.16 Million Euros
Have already been contributed to the production of THE BOX. A heartfelt thanks to all our loyal supporters!
6.16 Million Euros

have been contributed into the production of THE BOX. A heartfelt thanks to all our loyal supporters from all over the world who walk on this exciting path with us.

6.16 Million Euros

Contributed so far by our beloved Sharing Angels

Join our Sharing Angels

Calculate your reward now.

We will share our profits 50/50 with you, until you receive 5 times your total contribution. We expect a duration of approximately 8 years. The earliest contributors will be paid first.*

The Contribution Calculator

We are extremely happy about every contribution! No matter how much
you can give, we are thrilled about you becoming a part of LivingPackets.
*Click the button and we will redirect you to our partner Auth0 to create your account with maximum security. **Your contribution needs to be carried out in a country that explicitly approves and/or regulates our Sharing Angel model.

Success is like happiness: it multiplies when we share it.

Alexander Cotte, CEO LivingPackets

A closing statement by our CEO, Alexander Cotte.

We believe that successful and sustainable businesses and products are built solely on the collective contributions of many individuals; including you, the users. And because you, as users and contributors, are at the heart of LivingPackets and make our success possible, you deserve a fair share of our profits.

Still want to hear more on LivingPackets and THE BOX?

Our CEO Alex has recorded a podcast with W&V Magazine, where he talks in depth about THE BOX and our business model. Give it a listen - you won't have any questions left unanswered!

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