We filed 144 patents worldwide to realize this dream

The World urgently needs a complete solution for online transactions, including safe packaging, secure payment, and deliveries on-demand.
LivingPackets is the only one to offer it.


White gloves

Worldwide control

Insurance included

Easy return

Delivery guaranteed

Payment guaranteed

Reduce your overall costs

All services and a unique reference point

Current on-line Payments

  • Payment guaranteed


    Goods over 10 000€ are difficult to insure.

  • Conflict delay


    It takes 1 to 3 months to resolve the conflict.

Basic delivery

Optional Insurance

THE BOX Full Transaction Service

  • Payment guaranteed

    Your goods up to 100,000€ are insured

  • Conflict delay

    Instant & simple

    If no delivery, our insurance reimburses the bank transfer and LivingPackets reimburses the delivery and transaction costs

  • Reimburse all the costs

    Payment and Services refund, Your goods up to 100,000€

  • Solid & reusable packaging

    Use and reuse many times for our planet, 3R Label Reuse, Repairable and Recyclable

  • Pickup courier service

    Arrange time and place of delivery with a personal courier

  • Preventive alarms

    Exact Tracking, Schocks detection, Drop Height, Temperature & Humidity, opening attemps

  • All logistics costs are included or deducted

    Included or can be deducted if you work with your own logistics Partner

  • White gloves courier delivery

    Personal courrier service included

  • Full delivery remote control

    Use LivingPackets App to control your delivery

A new, simple and unique delivery experience

How does it work?


Select your transaction solution online

Receive an instant confirmation from THE BOX. Give the details of your shipment and Your full guarantee is activated.


Delivery under your full control

Set-up your Pick-up and Delivery time, your delivery under your control and protected, in real time.


Reuse and Save The Planet

At delivery, you benefit from our unique services such as automatic return or fully refund in case of problem.

Life simplified for everybody

We have designed this for you

Advantages for Merchants

  • Only One partner for everything
  • Reduce your overall costs
  • Boost your sales with unique services
  • Guaranteed payment and delivery
  • Full refund including our service fees
  • All logistics costs included
  • Private White glove services included
  • Secure reusable packaging included
  • Full control of your delivery
  • Automatic return included
  • Save the Planet with zero waste

Advantages for Customers

  • Full payment and delivery guarantee
  • Quick refund in case of problem
  • Full remote control over your deliveries
  • Real time preventive alerts
  • White gloves convenient deliveries
  • Automatic return included, if needed
  • Protective, zero waste packaging
  • Sustainable action for the planet
  • Only One partner for everything
  • No additional cost
  • Peace of mind experience

Don’t wait anymore

Try it now

All inclusive services

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Your frequently asked questions

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How do you plan to generate revenue?

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We offer a variety of services that make sending and receiving our smart, protective and high reusable packaging convenient and stress free. Our profits are derived from these services, which we call Packaging-as-a-Service. Because we use a unit of THE BOX for hundreds of times, we can generate significantly more revenue with it than a single-use cardboard box.

How will circulation work with THE BOX?

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We want THE BOX to circulate and be reused hundreds of times before it needs reconditioning. We have designed a lot of ways to enable circulation. If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the business model of LivingPackets?

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We call it Packaging-as-a-Service. We want to stop the use of waste packaging, so we invented the packaging of the future, where we do not charge for the packaging but for using our packaging services.

Where are you Headquartered?

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We currently have an office and a LivingPackets Shop in Paris and a R&D near Nantes, France.

Where can I see THE BOX in person?

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We opened our first LP Shop in Paris (82 rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris). In this showroom, you will discover THE BOX, our flagship product. You will be able to test it and talk with our team to learn more about LivingPackets, our products and our offers.

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