Make a difference in your delivery experience

Improve and Protect your deliveries

THE BOX is packaging reinvented

THE BOX is the brand new smart packaging for the future of the global e-commerce market. It is designed to decrease our impact on the environment, and to offer a new and improved delivery experience for e-commerce companies and consumers.


Eliminates all packaging waste

THE BOX eliminates all packaging waste thanks to its automatic holding mechanism, self-locking systems, and digital address display. It allows for full remote control of each delivery and improves security.


Protects every delivery

Integrated sensors measure temperature, humidity, and shocks. All data can be accessed via the built-in internet connection to offer a convenient experience for the consumer and decrease costs for both e-commerce companies and customers.


Extremely durable and infinitely recyclable

THE BOX is made of extremely durable material. It is infinitely recyclable and can last up to 1000 trips before it needs reconditioning.

We make your shipping experience more comfortable and hassle free

We all had problems with deliveries before: 85% of all shoppers are dissatisfied with the delivery experience on their orders. We are taking action to change this fundamentally.


Parcels get damaged

THE BOX and our integrated holding system reliably protect the contents from damage, so that you no longer have to invest your valuable time to spend hours writing with support to get a flawless re-delivery.


Deliveries never arrive

Built-in sensors let you know at any time where and in what condition your shipment is. In our app you can get all information about your delivery with one click.


Parcels get stolen

The GPS and our opening detection system help prevent theft. No one can open THE BOX without you being notified by a message on your mobile phone. This makes it very easy to detect theft and the time of damage.

Come and try THE BOX in our shop in Paris

Our team will welcome you and will be pleased to give you all the information you need.
Let’s meet in:

82 rue d'Aboukir,

Monday to Friday: 9:30am - 6:30pm


So pressing - Bd de l'Europe,

Monday to Saturday: 9:00am - 8:00pm


Comtesse du Barry - 11 Pl. du Pilori,

Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00am - 7:00pm


We are working to launch this offer with the 5 most important European banks to make it even more accessible to everyone.

The Box is a Pioneer

Packaging must be reusable or recyclable by 2030.

The Reusable Packaging by LivingPackets: So Crazy It Just Might Work.
A smart shipping box to replace all those cardboard boxes.
Wild idea: Waste-free shipping.
Climate change solutions come to CES not a moment too soon.
LivingPackets Introduces a Revolutionary Sustainable Packaging Solution.

The problems we've created for the planet...

...and how THE BOX can help solve them

Handling 100 billion deliveries per year using cardboard boxes causes a lot of packaging waste that ends up in the trash. By substituting THE BOX with cardboard in deliveries, we could eliminate up to 90% of that waste.


No more filling material polluting our oceans

8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year. To combat this, we designed an integrated holding mechanism that makes filling materials like bubble wrap obsolete.


No need to cut trees
for cardboard

More than a billion trees are being cut down each year to produce cardboard packaging for e-commerce. Thanks to its highly reusable construction, THE BOX could save them.

Packaging as a Service.


Making money with each delivery

Whenever THE BOX is used for delivery, it earns money via a service fee. We offer flexible packages to e-commerce companies. The basic package doesn’t cost e-commerce companies more than what they would pay for traditional cardboard boxes.


Promising feedback

We are entering the market with a growing selection of strong e-commerce players like Orange and Cdiscount. The results that we see are very promising, both in terms of user feedback and interest from businesses.


Flexible packages for a variety of needs

In case of more valuable or complex deliveries, customers can book additional services. That increases the revenue THE BOX generates per delivery.


New options with  every delivery

We enable new services that haven’t been available before such as packaging, postage, insurance, payment, and many more. We are making e-commerce safe, sustainable, smart, and convenient.

How does THE BOX get back?

Circular economy is our goal. THE BOX is built to make it possible.
The basic idea behind THE BOX is to make the circulation convenient and rewarding for everyone involved.

We enable the circular economy.

Ways of circulation with THE BOX.

The basic idea behind THE BOX is to make the circulation convenient and rewarding for everyone involved


It's just 1 click to get your order in THE BOX

With just one click, you can select THE BOX upon checkout at your favorite online store to get your order with our smart package.

Use our app to have all the information about your shipment at your fingertips. So you know at any time where your items are and if they are in perfect condition.


After receiving your shipment, you can reuse THE BOX directly…

Return items to the retailer with the push of a Button.

We all have used goods at home which can be now easily refurbished or resold.

To recover valuable raw materials, you can recycle old equipment.

Send anything you want to whoever you want with THE BOX and our App.

Donate things to a good cause.


… or bring  THE BOX back into circulation.

Get a reward by making THE BOX available to everybody.

Get a reward by bringing THE BOX to nearby LivingPackets shops.

Get even more rewards by bringing it to nearby e-commerce merchants that need THE BOX.

Logistics partners earn money on their daily route by collecting THE BOX from your home and redistribute it for reuse.

Our first selected partners love THE BOX!



  • 42 billion € turnover

  • largest telecommunications company in france

  • 170k employees

  • 3,1 million customers



  • 2 billion turnover

  • One of France's largest e-commerce platforms

  • 30 million parcels sent in 2019



  • Member of La Poste Group

  • Big delivery courier in France

  • 176 million parcels delivered in 2019

Our recent Milestones

Incredible feedback

THE BOX was lauded at CES 2020 as "the best project with the greatest potential to change the world". We were blown away and humbled by this award, and the press echo at the fair. Since then we've been receiving daily inquiries and offers from all over the world. We see this as proof that our product is coming to the market at the perfect time - the demand has already surpassed our wildest initial expectations.

Pilot with Cdiscount

As part of a pilot project with Cdiscount, we produced 400 units of THE BOX to use be used in same-day deliveries in and around Bordeaux, France. We tested circulation, tracking and our integrated sensors for 6 weeks with real customers.

The feedback from customers, the Post Office and Cdiscount was incredible. We are now incorporating all our learnings into the new versions of THE BOX.

Cdiscount is one of the largest e-commerce companies in France with 22 Million packages sent each year. Our smart and sustainable packages were successfully integrated directly into Cdiscount's existing warehouse systems.

We are joining "Look Forward"

We are joining Showroomprivé's incubator "Look Forward“. The program brings together entrepreneurs willing to transform production, distribution and consumption habits. Launched in 2015, the "Look Forward" innovation hub aims to cultivate a community of start-ups that are committed to designate a new future for retail. Showroomprivé was founded in 2006 and the website's sales and revenue have increased steadily. In 2018, the net revenue of Showroomprivé reached €750M, with an average annual growth rate of 28%.

Our motivation is to create a truly fair company.

We believe that successful and sustainable businesses and products are built solely on the collective contributions of many individuals, including you, the users.

We invented THE BOX to optimize all logistics processes in a holistic way. From production, shipping, and sales to the recycling of goods and resources, we have integrated every step in the value chain into our concept. At the same time, our business model enables us to balance the generation of value and the distribution of profit. Together with you, we build a sustainable, circular economy that benefits everyone.


Promote the circular economy

THE BOX works like your circulation. Just as red blood cells take care of supply and disposal in the human body, our smart package can be used to bring orders to your home and, for example, sell used goods or recycle raw materials.


Protect the planet

Electromobility only became successful when features and impressive driving performance became the focus of attention. With THE BOX, we are following the same approach: our patented technology, numerous functions, and 1,000 times reusability make it easier and more convenient than ever for users to receive and send parcels and save 90% of emissions.

Four years of research and development - now we are ready to roll.


Moved into our R&D centre in Nantes


Founding of LivingPackets SA


Application for over 30 patents


Production of 400 units for test runs


First field tests with prototypes


Successful pilot programmes with Cdiscount, Chronopost and Orange


CES has named THE BOX as the "product with the greatest potential to change the world"


Opening of our branch office in Berlin


Selecting partners for mass production


Mass production begins


Forming partnerships in the fields of circulation, logistics & e-commerce



We are a self-funded team of specialists.

Who we are.

Within the last 4 years, we grew from an initial research team to over 80 people who are now working on our vision to bring THE BOX to the market. We run offices in Nantes and Paris.


Our overhead costs are covered

The running costs of LivingPackets are fully financed and we can continue to work independently for many years. This means that we have the freedom to concentrate on the development, production, and growth of our company. All contributions from our campaign will go directly and exclusively into financing mass production.


Our success is your success. All employees are shareholders

All team members are shareholders in the company and are personally invested. For us, this means that truly everyone will benefit from the success of LivingPackets and we make sure that we are all moving towards the same goal.


Your most asked questions

Where can I see THE BOX in person?

We opened our first LP Shop in Paris (82 rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris). In this showroom, you will discover THE BOX, our flagship product. You will be able to test it and talk with our team to learn more about LivingPackets, our products and our offers.

How will circulation work with THE BOX?

We want THE BOX to circulate and be reused hundreds of times before it needs reconditioning. We have designed a lot of ways to enable circulation. If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where are you Headquartered?

We currently have an office and a LivingPackets Shop in Paris and a R&D near Nantes, France. We are working on new subsidiaries in countries around the world.

How do you plan to generate revenue?

We offer a variety of services that make sending and receiving our smart, protective and high reusable packaging convenient and stress free. Our profits are derived from these services, which we call Packaging-as-a-Service. Because we use a unit of THE BOX for hundreds of times, we can generate significantly more revenue with it than a single-use cardboard box.

What is the business model of LivingPackets?

We call it Packaging-as-a-Service. We want to stop the use of waste packaging, so we invented the packaging of the future, where we do not charge for the packaging but for using our packaging services.

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