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The intelligence you need for your packaging solution

E Ink powerless screen

The label will never disappear

With our unique partnership with E Ink, we have developed a screen that consumes no power!

When your label is downloaded to the screen, it will never disappear. A performance made possible by E Ink's unique technology.

E Ink is the pioneer and leader in ePaper technology.



IK08 NormA robustness that you won't find anywhere else!

To ensure you the maximum of safety, we required one of the highest level of robustness of the market for our TABLET. The resistance is certified IK08, that is to say against a shock of 5 joules.


Don't take the water

IP54 NormOur product will not be drowned!

And yes, we passed the IP54 standard which allows us to secure THE TABLET against water and other liquids which would come to deteriorate the insulations and cause degradations. One more security for you and your deliveries.



THE TABLET has passed a battery of tests including and went through a quality audit from AFNOR Certification, the french association for normalisation that certified the robustness, reparability and recyclability of THE TABLET.


Increased versatility

Image du produit "The tablet"
icone connexion wifi

The connection had to be seamless and 100% universal.

Whatever the network, THE TABLET will be able to connect and find a point to be traced: Bluetooth, 2G/4G/5G, LTE/M, NB/IOT, RFID, WiFi, NFC and UHF, it is the guarantee that it will never get lost!

icone agrandir l'écran

And that's not all! It adapts to all the supports of the world.

We propose a universal system of fixing which allows to install THE TABLET on all the possible supports to increase its intelligence and to benefit from the LivingPackets technology.


Captures and measures its environment

With THE TABLET you have all the information you need for a serene delivery

Thanks to its sensors of temperature, shock, humidity, pressure, its camera, its flash and its detection of light, what occurs in and around your parcel does not have any more secret for you. It is able to recognize its environment and warn users about all the measures it captures.

icone wifithe tablet mesures


Low power & high power

Very low consumption

A technology at the cutting edge of innovation, with dual microprocessors: low power & high power, which allow for powerful data collection and processing, while having a very low energy consumption.


Cloud AWS

Flexibility, scalability and reliability

All data that is collected by THE TABLET is protected by connection protocols with secure electronic components that are connected to the AWS cloud. The AWS cloud gives us great flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Image du produit "The tablet"

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Your frequently asked questions

How can I try your products?

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You can request to be contacted for a trial of our products.

Also, professionals can contact us via our website or visit our boutique at 82 rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris to request a specific quote and start their journey with LivingPackets.

If they're interested, they can then collect their THE BOX, THE BOX Pro or THE TABLET and use them for deliveries.

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What is your business model?

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At LivingPackets, you don't pay for the product, but for the services you use. Our customers use our services as a monthly subscription. To this subscription can be added a set of additional and complementary services built to meet the specific needs of some of our customers.

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Who is currently using your products?

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We are currently working closely with actors mainly from the Industry, Art, Luxury and E-commerce/retail markets. Some well-known brands and strong global actors are using our products under confidentiality agreements to ship high-end and luxury products to their warehouses and to end customers.

Are there other packaging sizes?

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We work on standard formats that can be stacked on pallets. We are currently developing the range of each of these products to meet the needs of our customers and prospects. We do offer different sizes to suit the needs of all our customers.

Where are you headquartered ?

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We are based in France, near Nantes, in Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire, and in Paris. Our Nantes site is our main R&D and Logistics center, with Product, Technical, Circulation, Design, Purchasing, Supply, and support functions.

Our Paris site is home to our Customer Experience and Business Development teams.

We currently have over 60 employees within the company.

Are you being accelerated?

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We are indeed part of two accelerators :

La Maison Des Startups, by the LVMH group and based at Station F in Paris is designed to create collaborations between accelerated startups and the various houses of the LVMH group, enabling us to get closer to major players in the Luxury Goods sector and enabling them to provide our experience to their customers.

The GENERATE accelerator, by GICAT (The French land and airland defence and security industry association) aim to help and support startups contribute to tomorrow's defense & security sector.

Can I share your success?

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You can indeed share our success thanks to the Buy&Rent (BNR) program wich is a lever for sharing success and income with a community of investors committed to the planet and who believe in the success of the projects launched by LivingPackets.

We offer private individuals the opportunity to purchase one or more THE BOXes, which, when used by one of our professional customers, will give rise to a financial reward of 30% of the profits received.

Discover it fully on our B&R page