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The packaging you need for all your strategic delivery


Do not fear the water

Waterproof IP54

THE BOX Pro's unique design builds a mechanical barrier that protects your products from rain and all possible splashes. IP54 certification is in progress.


The best thermal insulator is air

Polypropylène aux couleurs de livingpackets

The expanded polypropylene or EPP material is a foam composed of 98% air and 2% material. This 100% recyclable material gives THE BOX Pro remarkable thermal insulation characteristics that can be complemented by additional temperature maintenance systems in the form of accessories.


Our most robust packaging

Our teams have designed a packaging that absorbs shocks and disperses them in all spaces so that it does not become fragile. Thus, thanks to the technology Bumper™ integrated in the corners of THE BOX Pro, it absorbs the shocks and the falls and disperses the force not to weaken itself and the product inside. The ISTA 3A certification is being obtained.

THE BOX Pro in numbers

2.5 Kg


9 Kg transportable

Recyclable EPP

Choose a recyclable material first


Widely used in the automotive industry, Polypropylene material is available worldwide. In the form of foam expanded with CO2, it is not harmful and has unique characteristics of lightness (98% air), elasticity and robustness. 100% reemployable, each THE BOX Pro feeds and re-exploits directly the recycling channels.


Reuse is a priority


The act of reuse is gradually becoming an obligation in the face of the scarcity and rising prices of raw materials. The concept THE BOX Pro has been studied to obtain a high level of reuse thanks to its robust design and also thanks to the characteristics of the materials used.


Keep an eye on your products even during delivery

THE BOX has a unique, fully automated locking system. This system includes sensors that guarantee the security of your products  and that allow you to be warned instantly in case of intrusion!

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Protects against intrusion with an electronic locking system

TSA lock that allows access to customs

A system that protects whatever the format of THE BOX Pro

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Your frequently asked questions

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How do you plan to generate revenue?

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We offer a variety of services that make sending and receiving our smart, protective and high reusable packaging convenient and stress free. Our profits are derived from these services, which we call Packaging-as-a-Service. Because we use a unit of THE BOX for hundreds of times, we can generate significantly more revenue with it than a single-use cardboard box.

How will circulation work with THE BOX?

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We want THE BOX to circulate and be reused hundreds of times before it needs reconditioning. We have designed a lot of ways to enable circulation. If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the business model of LivingPackets?

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We call it Packaging-as-a-Service. We want to stop the use of waste packaging, so we invented the packaging of the future, where we do not charge for the packaging but for using our packaging services.

Where are you Headquartered?

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We currently have an office and a LivingPackets Shop in Paris and a R&D near Nantes, France.

Where can I see THE BOX in person?

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We opened our first LP Shop in Paris (82 rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris). In this showroom, you will discover THE BOX, our flagship product. You will be able to test it and talk with our team to learn more about LivingPackets, our products and our offers.