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  • Being appreciated for your role and function within the team, rather than your position.

  • Projects aimed at building a better future, using the latest technologies.

  • Passionate people who’ll uphold the value you create as you grow personally and as a team.

  • A calm work environment and transparent communication at eye level.

  • Experienced and inspiring colleagues who are invested in helping your professional development.

  • An opportunity to contribute to collective progress and broaden your horizons at the same time.

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From the shores of the Atlantic, where it all began, to the breathtaking City of Love... Our journey spans three cities (so far!), but we're in constant communication.


Located near the beautiful Atlantic coast in western France, the Nantes office is our R&D and production site.


The famed City of Love is home to our offices for Business Development and Customer Experience.

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What we bring to the relationship


We don't rely on VC for funding. We have the freedom to do what we believe is right.


Awesome people who can create sustainable value and have fun at the same time.


An international mix of youth and talent, experience and wisdom, informed optimism and deep passion.

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Then go ahead and send us an application (and please no standardized cover letters, write your heart out!) stating your availability, why you think LivingPackets is a good fit for you, and your salary needs! If you have any questions in advance, please check out our WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE PAGE...