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December 2023
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For over a year, BZHunt has been choosing THE BOX from LivingPackets for a secure and unique logistics solution.

In November 2022, BZHunt sought the expertise of LivingPackets in its quest for an innovative and highly secure logistics solution. The major challenge was to physically protect NEO, the probe used for remote intrusion testing, while offering their customers an experience unrivalled on the market. The answer came in the form of LivingPackets THE BOX solution.

About BZHunt

Founded in Brest in 2020 by Brice Augras, the start-up BZHunt pushes the boundaries to defend and promote the culture of ethical hacking in France and around the world. It puts companies' IT security to the test by identifying their vulnerabilities and helping them to remediate them.

The Challenge

BZHunt had specific requirements: to ensure the physical security of their sensitive equipment while delivering an exceptional customer experience that surpassed those of their competitors.

A secure, traceable and unique experience

Our solution: THE BOX by LivingPackets

LivingPackets presented BZHunt with THE BOX, a complete solution combining physical and software security for their hacking audit tools. This proposition appealed to BZ Hunt, aligning perfectly with their objective of being an ethical hacking company while providing a unique value proposition.

The testimony

"We were looking for an ultra-secure solution to ensure that our IT equipment was sent and returned in the best possible conditions. Cardboard packaging didn't meet our needs, so we opted for LivingPackets' intelligent, secure and reusable packaging. THE BOX meets our security requirements thanks to its electromechanical locking system and real-time geolocation. It also provides a unique experience for our customers, who can easily return the equipment thanks to the 'return' function built into the packaging." Brice Augras, Founder of BZHunt.

Discover more about how BZHunt uses THE BOX now :

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