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June 2024
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Since March 1, 2024, SFR has chosen LivingPackets' THE BOX for an innovative logistics solution

To meet their need for an innovative logistics solution for the secure, reusable shipment of their sensitive electronic goods across France, SFR has chosen to integrate LivingPackets' THE BOX into their logistics processes. This decision follows an extensive 6-month trial phase, during which SFR and its logistics partner GXO successfully tested 112 THE BOX under real-life conditions.


Founded in 1987, SFR is a French telecommunications operator, offering a variety of services including mobile telephony, fiber optics, television and broadband Internet. Renowned for its convergent offerings and technological innovations such as 5G, SFR plays a key role in connectivity and digital development in France.

The challenge

Seeking a precise, tailored logistics solution, SFR was looking to effectively secure and protect the delivery of its sensitive electronic products between its stores across the country.

A secure and reusable solution

Our solution: THE BOX by LivingPackets

LivingPackets has introduced THE BOX, a complete solution combining security and reusability for the shipment of smartphones, which has won over SFR. Equipped with integrated sensors, THE BOX ensures enhanced security for goods, providing notifications on geolocation, temperature, humidity, as well as attempted opening and shocks.

By adopting THE BOX, which can be reused several hundred times, SFR is actively committed to a policy of reusability. Thanks to its integrated cushioning system and recyclable, robust materials, this solution helps to significantly reduce waste and wasted space, thus playing an essential role in reducing the environmental impact of deliveries.

A testimonial from our Director of Operations

"We're always very proud when a major company such as SFR chooses to use our intelligent, reusable delivery solutions to tackle the logistics of its stores in complete safety. We must salute the major companies that choose this sustainable transformation", comments Denis Mourrain, co-founder and Director of Operations at LivingPackets.

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