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February 2024
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Since 2023, Victoire Family Eyes has chosen THE BOX from LivingPackets for a secure, reusable logistics solution.

Looking for an innovative logistics solution for the secure, reusable shipment of their glasses in 2023, Victoire Family Eyes discovered the LivingPackets website. Marie-Victoire expressed an interest in the various services on offer.

Vicotre Family Eyes uses THE BOX

Victoire Family Eyes designs and produces cellulose-cetate glasses in their workshop in Hossegor. All stages of production are mastered in-house, and each frame is designed especially for a member of the family and bears his or her name. This brand has been designed for each one of us, with the constant aim of not wasting anything, finding ways of replacing the superfluous, and incorporating materials that are no longer needed, without compromising on quality or style.

The challenge

In search of a precise logistics solution tailored to their needs, Victoire Family Eyes was looking for a shipping method that was both reusable and secure, in perfect harmony with their values.

A secure and reusable solution

Our solution: THE BOX by LivingPackets

LivingPackets introduced THE BOX, a complete solution combining security and reusability for shipping eyewear. This proposition won over Victoire Family Eyes, who were quick to identify the advantages offered by LivingPackets, including eco-responsible shipping and the customer experience provided by THE BOX.

The testimony

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"It's really important for us to surround ourselves with caring people who share the same values as us: to be as eco-responsible as possible. The entire Victoire Family Eyes team is delighted to be working with LivingPackets! Marie-Victoire Chabat-CEO Victoire Family Eyes

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